The Essential Guide to the Sideboard – All You Need To Know

Though sideboards were originally created as additional serving surfaces for dining rooms, they’ve come a long way, baby, and we’re totally convinced that they’re one of the most useful pieces around. Thanks to their wide-ranging styles and versatile functionality, they make a great addition to every room of the house. Buffets and Cabinets Blog shows you today how they shine in bedrooms, offices, and beyond.

In Your Bedroom

The Essential Guide to the Sideboard - All You Need To Know

Dressers tend to be the go-to storage solution for most bedrooms, but a sideboard can tuck into low-slung spaces such as under a window sash while still giving you plenty of places to stash your stuff. Many include a combo of drawers (for socks and undies) and adjustable shelves (for jeans, shirts, and sweaters), and all provide a pretty surface for displaying books, baubles, and trinkets.

In Your Living Room

The Essential Guide

When it comes to your family room, the sideboard can function in a million-and-one ways: Set your TV on top and hide your electronic equipment within. Arrange it back to back with a “floating” couch (one that’s not flush against a wall) in an open-plan room to help define multiple spaces. Or place it under a hanging mirror or painting to create a stylish vignette.

The Essential Guide

In Your Home Office

The Essential Guide

Sideline those standard filing cabinets and work in a sideboard instead. The drawers can corral loose bits and bobs such as paper clips and boxes of staples, while the shelves can be sized for folders. (Tip: Keep them organized with end tabs.) And anywhere in your house, a sleek, simple sideboard is the perfect counterpart to a busy salon-style art wall.

In Your Hallway

The Essential Guide

Hallways are often the no-man’s-land of home design: neglected spaces that receive a painting on the wall—maybe. If yours is wide enough, invest in a narrow sideboard, which will make your hallway look as considered as the rest of your house and can moonlight as storage for clean sheets and towels.

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