Transform Your Buffets and Cabinets With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is the subject of choice today! And why limit such a beautiful décor element to walls? We bring you today some suggestions of how to Transform Your Buffets and Cabinets With Wallpaper. Read on and get inspired!

Transform Your Buffets and Cabinets

Wallpaper is a great option for a piece that has some type of surface damage that prevents you from considering other treatments. Unlike with some of the more obvious options, like paint or stain, here’s a place where you can let your imagination run a little wild.

Transform Your Buffets and Cabinets

A pattern that you might be reluctant to commit to covering your walls with, can transform a boring, even ugly item into a cool conversation piece.

Transform Your Buffets and Cabinets

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Transform Your Buffets and Cabinets

But of curse, for those who do not know where to find the perfect wallpaper, we also suggest you 3 wallpaper suppliers, that offer you a plenty of options! Get to know them:

Abigail Edwards

Transform Your Buffets and Cabinets

Abigail’s first wallpaper collection launched in 2011, the hand-drawn designs, inspired by nature and fairy tales, are sold online and through selected stores internationally. The collection has recently expanded to include fabric by the metre and accessories as well as the award-wining wallpapers that have featured in numerous magazines and grace the walls of homes and commercial spaces around the world.

Hygge & West

Transform Your Buffets and Cabinets

Hygge & West is founded upon the Danish concept of hygge that loosely translates to cozy, but means so much more. All of life’s small but wonderful moments can be described as hygge – curling up by the fireplace with a great book, long informal dinners with close friends, goodnight hugs with your children. We hope that our products help bring more hygge into our customers’ homes – creating a cozy, beautiful environment where small, everyday moments can be enjoyed.

Cole & Son

Transform Your Buffets and Cabinets With Wallpaper 6

Cole & Son was founded in 1875 and today the company retains its original spirit, still producing beautiful and innovative collections inspired by its vast archive representing all the styles from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. Collaborations with contemporary designers and original work produced by the in-house Design Studio, combined with the company’s support for hand crafting, ensure Cole & Son continue to produce wallpapers faithful to the brand’s distinguished history.

landing-first-img-processHope you like our design inspirations! And of course, you can get more 100 Buffets and Cabinets by downloading our FREE EBOOK!