Vintage Cabinets – Give your home a unique look

Cabinets were a big deal during the mid-century design trends. So today we’ll focus on the most popular Vintage Cabinets that can give your home a unique look.

Soho by Boca do Lobo

This cabinet, a nice fit for a dynamic dining room, was the piece that boosted Boca do Lobo’s first international steps. The Soho cabinet reveals different styles in the same piece. The point was to add various design genres and colours in the drawers, making this piece a mixture of vintage and modern look.

Vintage Cabinets - Soho Sideboard

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Eiermann by Essential Home

An inspirational Vintage Cabinets design, the Eiermann cabinet takes his origins in on one of Germany’s most prominent architects: Egon Eiermann. It creates a unique sense of lightness like no other. Glass sliding doors create a playful pattern and reveal the smoked glass shelf inside.

Siermann Sideboard

Symphony by Boca do Lobo

Like it’s implied in the name, the Symphony cabinet is inspired by the movement and evolution of music. This piece of pure elegance and style seeks to move and stir emotion much like a musical composition. Handcrafted from the finest materials, with a vision and aesthetic achieved by our designers and craftsmen alone.

Symphony Cabinet Vintage Cabinets – Give your home a unique look

Monocles by Essential Home

The Monocles cabinet is the perfect statement piece to place in your living room. With a vintage trademark design, it can also give your living room a luxurious ambience. Circles are engraved on the sides and back in the walnut wood, while the three golden doors fulfill the setting with a kind of ‘kiss kiss bang bang’ spirit.

Monocles Cabinet Vintage Cabinets – Give your home a unique look

Orchidea by Koket

Koket’s Orchidea vintage inspired cabinet that captures the essence of haute style. Doors and drawers adorned with cast bronze orchid handles supported by a polished brass base.

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Orchidea Cabinet Vintage Cabinets – Give your home a unique look

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