Jaime Perczek Buffets & Cabinets Designs

He has over 35 years of experience in custom made furniture design. We are talking about Jaime Perczek. Today we’ll show he’s best Buffets & Cabinets Designs.

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Cabinet Designs - BolasShagreenCabinet

His love for custom made furniture is explained by his vision that interior living spaces tend to reflect the thinking and feelings of the people who live there. So he offers a chance for you to discover your own unique vision and actively reach the higher creativity you desire.

Cabinet Designs -Laurens

“We come to your home or yacht to capture and evaluate the essence of your vision and design objectives. It’s a holistic approach to interiors and furniture design that guides our process with intuition, spontaneity and freedom that will transform your home into a positive reflection of you and bring you closer to the living environment you love.”

Cabinets Designs -RuhlmannBuffetPSF

In Jaime Perczek Designs, they have a process based work habits, reflecting in the beautiful pieces that we can see. They start every project with conceptual and mechanical drawings. After the furniture is designed, the next step is the selection of the finishes, and they display a large collection of finishes, semiprecious materials, nature inspired itens, transforming any home environment.

Cabinets Designs -MedallionsDecoBuffetPSF

“We design and manufacture all sorts of unique custom-made furniture. From TV units and bars to unique dining tables and buffets. We utilize exotic finishes and materials: wood, glass, metal, leather, semi-precious stones, exotic skins, etc.”

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Cabinets Designs -FloatingNeoDecoBuffet3

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