Buffet, Sideboard, and Server? Know the Diference

In interior design, there are many situations where one can be confused with the terms to each type of furniture. When talking about dining room, there are furniture that can get a bit confusing: Buffet, Sideboard, and Server. Today we’ll tell all about the differences between these similar pieces.

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Buffet, Sideboard, and Server diamond-sideboard

What Is a Sideboard?

The modern “sideboard” is probably the most widely used of all of the terms for a long, low storage piece, and it came to be as the precursor to modern-day kitchen cabinets. An antique variation of the sideboard is a hunt board, which is taller than a typical sideboard; it was designed for hungry folks to stand around and eat from after finishing a hunt.


What Is a Buffet?

In definition, there aren’t much differences between sideboards and buffets. The most common variation is that a buffet is placed in the dining room, and a sideboard is put in the living room. It´s also known that shops and manufacturers call this type of pieces with higher legs buffets, and basically it´s used to lay out big spreads of food and drink.

Buffet, Sideboard, and Server Shreveport Home

What Is a Server?

Servers tend to be a smaller design of a buffet. In spite of that, they should be more formal, and lighter in scale than buffets. The term “server” comes from the fact that the people serving the food in a formal dining room or restaurant are called servers.


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Buffet, Sideboard, and Server heritage_sideboard_06

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