Best Buffet and Cabinet Designs At Biennal Interieur 2016

The Biennal Interieur 2016 is a non-profit organisation acting in the field of design, product development and innovation. Today we are going to show you some of the best buffets and cabinets designs of this year’s edition.


Biennal Interieur 2016 51451-oak-wave-sideboard_2_1

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Ethnicraft furniture represents the perfect companion for an inviting home, through its simplicity and impeccable craftsmanship, true trademarks they believe in. Their focus is evolving to create iconic pieces that truly stand out.

Cubit – Bits for Living

Drawing inspiration by cabinets contents – CD’s, DVD’s, books, drinks and so on – Cubit’s creations are multitask furniture, joining modern design with bright colours, in order to make a vibrant setting that satisfies the customer needs for space and placement.

Zascho Petkow

Biennal Interieur 2016 43

The skin of these highly decorative commodes is made of textiles from Indonesia and Pakistan. Some fabrics are produced in a traditional way, some are modern prints. The format is defined by the fabrics. Other materials are wood, oil and wax.



The exact geometry and the minimal radii are the results of highly precise manufacturing. The optimised storage space with hidden drawer runners creates the required bathroom space.


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Biennal Interieur 2016 pastoe-424-2_0

Sometimes you have to tilt your vision 90 degrees for a whole new perspective on a classical idea. Pastoe has also changed directions 90 degrees over the last years. Hope you liked it and feel free to see more inspirations and ideas on our blog.


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