Creative Designs – Scott Jarvie’s Clever Safe Cabinet

Designers are always pushing their boundaries to create amazing designs, and today is not an exception. So we are going to show you Scott Jarvie’s Clever Safe Cabinet. Stay tunned.

Scott Jarvie, a United Kingdom based designer, recently revealed his latest design – the safe cabinet, with a very creative closing mechanism with fully adjustable shelving systems – a delightful twist on traditional safety vaults.

Clever Safe Cabinet img_1_1475858102_0b25fbbddbeb88e2cb1a4f1c2435bdec

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Conventional mechanical bank vaults are elegantly designed and engineered but their system of functioning and their mechanisms are always concealed from public view. But Scott’s idea was to re-question the typical perception of value and security in our society through the safe cabinet.

Clever Safe Cabinet img_3_1475858102_d034816a5ba6355eecf64a34ecb9d364

Even when it isn’t being used, this piece has a strong look, but the magic happens when the mechanism is turned via the central hand wheel, setting everything in motion, providing a real show of wonder, with the continuous rotation that alternates the system between locked and unlocked positions, thus creating a mesmerizing visual effect.

Typically, Scott Jarvie’s designs are founded on a deep respect for context, process and material. indeed, the use of light colored materials for the safe cabinet (hand cut wood joints, stainless steel, aluminum) creates a seamless blend between traditional and contemporary design.

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Clever Safe Cabinet img_8_1475858102_6a5dbefdadf57c6893aa6c78b3b75a57

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