5 Stunning Asian Cabinets Designs

With the constant economic growth and modernization happening right now in Asian countries, we thought it was a good idea to showcase some of their cultures, regarding buffets and cabinets design, of course. So today we took an oriental approach as we unveil 5 stunning Asian Cabinets Designs to make your home more exotic. Enjoy!

Asian Cabinets Designs 5-color-peony

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This is an oriental black cabinet with two compartment cabinet. There is a thin layer of artificial leather over wood and it has peony flowers graphic on the front and sides, giving it a unique look.


Here we can see an old cabinet restored with a modern blue lacquer surface. The front graphic is oriental ink brush water mountain scenery set up a nice feature, commonly found in Asian furniture design.

Asian Cabinets Designs 11-elmwood-ming

Taking it up a notch, this luxury cabinet has a distinct design in its simple clean lines, and it is a fine example of Ming furniture style. It provides ample storage as well as visual appeal.


This beautiful Chinese dresser will give your room an exotic touch.

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Asian Cabinets Designs 20-lotus-umbrella

This Tibetan altar table is made of solid elm wood and hand painted with lotus and fortune umbrella graphic. This is gorgeous altar table and you can also use it as a unique TV stand. Hope you liked it and feel free to see more inspirations and ideas on our blog.

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