Vintage Cabinet Design With Wooden Details

Mid Century Style is back! The nostalgic pull of the ingenious designs of the 1950’s is taking modern-day homes back in time. That’s why we bring you today some of the best design inspiration with these amazing cabinet design with Wooden Details. Take a look and travel back in time…

Wooden Details

King Manuel I of Portugal is best known for his support of Portuguese maritime exploration. During his reign, Dom Manuel saw his fleet discover India, Brazil and solidified trading routes and agreements between Persia, China and Morocco.

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This noble cabinet draws inspirations from his legacy, the Manueline aesthetic and style, and pays a tribute to Portugal’s most influential epochs.

Wooden Details D. MANUEL CABINET

The geometric design and exotic finishes of the Opium cabinet will seduce you into a euphoric haze.


Decadent, shimmering and natural leathers adorn the four front doors, while sleek and glossy lacquer covers the body. Peek inside to discover four drawers and two glass shelves.


A mid-century modern furniture piece that works as a tribute to Mother Earth’s heartbeat, Nazca walnut sideboard reminds the movement triggered by tectonic plates that involve us in an exquisite rhythm.


This Walnut sideboard adds a richer earth beat into your modern home decor.


Like the vintage radios, this console would make you look twice. No, it’s not a giant radio but a rare wood & gold sideboard. The sleek outline of this unique midcentury modern piece makes you surrender to the Scandinavian design every time that you look at it.


Solid walnut and golden plated brass are the exquisite material that form this rare sideboard which could be perfect for your living room, dressing room (any room!) and it would be make your retro home complete.


The internationally renowned art museum and one of the most significant architectural icons of the 20th century, the Guggenheim Museum has inspired the concept of this cabinet.


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Boca do Lobo believes that Guggenheim cabinet is between the finest and most elegant cabinets of its collections. This handcrafted, extremely versatile and unique piece is ideal for storing glassware and fine silver collectibles in the dining room or any other of your collections.


Hope you liked it and feel free to see more inspirations and ideas on our blog.

Wooden Details

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