Best Black Cabinet Ideas For Luxury Bathrooms

Black designs never go out of style, making them timeless pieces that you can always have in your interior. So today Buffets and Cabinets presents you with the best Black Cabinet Ideas for you to feel inspired when creating your luxury bathroom.

Black Cabinet Ideas


A bland high-rise condo was transformed into a sleek and bold space like what they did with this bathroom with a black vanity and unique custom lighting.

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It may look dark in all black but it is a lovely spot in the house. We even think this is easy to clean!


The wall is painted in Valspar while the ceiling is in Midnight in Paris. Nice traditional space, though.


This is one master bathroom that impressed us all! The colors are just heart tugging even that glossy black cabinet.


Because of the view outside, the bathroom looks very fresh. The black cabinet just below the lavatory is a good idea for this area.

Black Cabinet Ideas


A black vintage cabinet adds a huge difference to the look of this eclectic bathroom. Yes, we really love it!


What an elegant bathroom! Glamor was brought by the lighting, black granite floor, and glossy black cabinets.


Cute striped wall with black cabinets looks perfect together. Even one wall with geometric designs is fascinating too.


As if the black cabinet wasn’t enough, the lavatory was black too!

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Sure, we love the walls of this bathroom and the floor tiles as well. But you can see how humble the cabinet is which actually added elegance to this space. Hope you liked it and feel free to see more inspirations and ideas on our blog.

Black Cabinet Ideas

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