Best Buffets And Cabinets For Modern Homes

If you prefer a contemporary look to your modern home, then storage furniture with a clean uncomplicated line is essential. So today we are going to present you with the best Buffets And Cabinets for a contemporary interior. Enjoy and feel inspired to create your own designs.

Buffets And Cabinets


This amazing black buffet is more art than utilitarian furniture. Undoubtedly, it constitutes a unique and collectible object that is different from anything else and exudes a sense of both experimental design and luxury.

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This majestic buffet is a unique piece of furniture that lends an attractive presence to any room. Four flush doors open discreetly to the interior of the piece where you will find elegant drawers and functional shelving.

Buffets And Cabinets



The attitude and irreverence reflected by this piece made it an icon, never unnoticed in any part of the world. Drawers that count different and varied techniques from glass to wood, lacquer color to mirror and gold leaf compose this contemporary buffet.



This stunning cabinet gives preciousness to the banal use of furniture, using day-to-day materials, but with technics and creative design that makes all the difference.

Buffets And Cabinets



This noble cabinet draws inspirations from his legacy, the Manueline aesthetic and style, and pays a tribute to Portugal’s most influential epochs.

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Hope you liked it and feel free to see more inspirations and ideas on our blog.

Buffets And Cabinets

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