Refined Buffets and Cabinets With Golden Finishes

Everyone knows that colors influence our mood and of course our style. Each color has its own meaning and sends a message. Golden is the color of success, achievement and triumph! Read this article to find refined Buffets and Cabinets with golden finishes.

Golden Finishes

Golden is often associated with prosperity, luxury and quality, prestige and sophistication. In terms of psychology, this color implies material wealth and extravagance. We believe that as the new year is just around the corner we should attract this values into our interior design.

Golden Finishes

The Symphony Cabinet is the perfect piece for this topic as it is has a Gold-leaf application as well as Gold Plated Brass, Rosewood Veneer and Gold Leaf.

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This Buffet has an amazing Vintage look and it is perfect to bring your decoration a trendy and unique look!

If you loved the previous Buffet but you actually needed a Cabinet don’t worry! There is such piece from the same collection. You can choose either one or be edgy and risk having them both at your place in different rooms.

The Diamond Buffet is a stunning piece with amazing lines and perspectives that create optical illusions. It is perfect for every dining room.

Golden Finishes

Have you noticed its legs are lion heads? That’s right! Take a long look at how many details there are in such little object. It is just impressive.

Golden Finishes

What about the interior? Well, it is just as amazing as the outside! All drawers and doors reveal a breathtaking golden interior.

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If you liked the style of the Diamond but you are not that fond of the color, there are other color schemes available. Take for instance the Emerald Diamond. As you can see the base it also different, but as you can customize this pieces you can get the best of both worlds!Golden Finishes

The Lapiaz Cabinet is true work of art that will provide your interior design a dramatic style. Look closely to see that the doors are made of mirror. In real life, the effect is even more incredible. This is one of the cases where the photo does not make justice to the real piece.

Golden Finishes

Chek out the interior of this amazing Cabinet! It is so beautiful that you will not want to close it.

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