The Secret of Oliver Burns’ Design

Oliver Burns is an architectural is one of the top interior designers that thoughtfully designs and builds the world’s finest homes. He selected the finest luxury furniture and exclusive design in order to create living spaces worthy of a luxury lifestyle. Today Buffets and Cabinets goes beyond and presents you the best of this interior designer.

The Secret of Oliver Burns' Design

From prestigious super-prime developments to luxurious residences, creating exceptional properties for discerning private and corporate clients, Oliver Burns has been around for less than a decade. 

Oliver Burns is featured in the TOP 100 Interior Designers selected by CovetED Magazine in partnership with Boca do Lobo! Are you one of them?

The high-class designers have already captivated audiences worldwide.

In this picture, we can see two beautiful Buffets: a wooden one on the left and an exquisite white one on the background. This room very special, because the kitchen and the living room work as a whole unit. We love when both house divisions coexist!

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Nothing screams futuristic like straight and simple lines. This living room has a “hidden” cabinet, as it has no handles or windows. The shelves are very original as they have a unique orientation,

The Secret of Oliver Burns' Design

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Big, spacious and clean! These are the main characteristics of this living room. The marble floor gives it the final luxury touch.

The Secret of Oliver Burns' Design

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Discover the Imperfectio Sofa

This living room is like no other. the neutral shades give a relaxing environment and also a sense of luxury and sophistication. Worthy of a Lord, the room has a noble style.

The Secret of Oliver Burns' Design

Are you looking for inspirations for the Summer? This room has it all.

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