Inspirational Pulls And Knobs for your Modern Cabinet

Even the smallest details in your home can make a major impact. Case in point: these gorgeous and unique modern cabinet knobs and pulls for your new interior design will inspire you for more ideas.

Block and bar Pull handle is a stylish detail for an exclusive design of a modern buffet.

Ridley 4 pull is silver detail that will transform your interior into a magic room.

This Knot Pull is handmade from solid brass and is available in brass and nickel as well.

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Ridge Bin Pull, Sun Valley Bronze made from a qualitative material inspire its lovers for golden patterns in the deisgn of their modern cabinet.

Lowe Hardware’s No. 3112 rectangular pull is suitable for both doors and cabinets in traditional, transitional, as well as contemporary interiors.

The Diamond Obi Pull by Lisa Jarvis Jewelry for furniture is a perfect example of a clever combination of silver and gold plates.

modern cabinet

An instant classic, the Freya is the newest collection of rock crystal pulls. The rock crystal is hand cut to a hexagonal shape and features two soft points on each end. Each pull is banded in metal, with an angular stantion for an elegant and modern look. The Freya is designed to be used vertically or horizontally. The mounting stantions can also be field adjustable for perfect placement on pre-existing mounting holes.

modern cabinet

This Butterfly pulls designed by Ted Muehling for E.R. Butler & Co, these cabinet pulls are a modern take on a classic butterfly form. Shaped from a single piece of metal, they are both abstract and elegant. Available in five different sizes.

modern cabinet

This Sloane Knob is the perfect decision for a modern cabinet design in your living room. Add a touch of rock crystal glamour! Made with hand carved rock crystal from Brazil-hand picked for it’s inclusions and reflectivity.

Modern knobs and pulls for cabinet is a little detail that can have a big impact on the look of your living or sitting room. The good news is that these days there are quite a few retailers offering modern, minimally styled pieces in a variety of budgets.

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