Designjunction: Buffets and Cabinets’ Most Iconic Brands

Designjunction presents more than 200 of the world’s most iconic design brands to the world’s leading design professionals. It’s a junction connecting the industry – a place to meet, do business and be inspired.

We share with you Buffets and Cabinets’ most iconic brands exhibiting in this amazing show. Talke a look!

Stanford Sideboard – SomedaY designs


The Stanford Sideboard designed by Terence Conran, combines simple form with natural materials to create a timeless and practical piece of furniture. Diagonal lines cut into the lacquered doors producing a subtle chevron motif that adds both depth and surface texture.


Offering plenty of storage with two side drawers and a main cabinet with doors opening to two compartments, each with its own adjustable shelf.

Wave Media Unit

designjunctionThe Wave Media Unit designed by Russel Pinch for Terence Conran, is part of an award-winning series of storage furniture. The cabinet fronts are cut from solid wood creating an organic wave effect which produces a sculptural and textured design.

Vass Sideboard – Skankium

Vass is designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune for the ASPLUND Collection. Vass Series is a complete storage system in lacquered mdf or stained oak and with a stand in massive oak. The linear pattern hides doors and makes a soft impression.

Leonard Sideboard – &New

designjunctionLeonard sideboard is minimal in design and beautifully handmade. It is compact in size – perfect for modern living. Leonard got his name from James Leonard the forward-thinking post-war designer of practical and beautifully designed British school furniture.

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Rock Buffet – Adorno Designs

designjunctionThe buffet has inspiration in rocks and stones, an asymmetric furniture as if were all cut and facets.

Huixcolotla Cabinet – Adorno Designs

designjunction“Papel picado” (perforated paper) is a faction of Mexican folk art in which centuries of history, symbolism, ethnic fusion, religion, and aesthetics converge.
Inspired by the delicacy of the material and the characteristic elaborate patterns of this handcraft, this piece combines the aesthetics, materials, and functionality of contemporary design with the mastery and richness of Mexican artisanal workmanship.

Les Choses Cabinet

“Les Choses” is a one-off piece conceived by Dossofiorito studio for the exhibit “L’essence du Beau,” curated by Sam Baron at the Biennale Saint Etienne in 2015.
In this “reverse cabinet,” the content has become the container: thanks to the impressions left on the wet clay, old family tools have been brought back to light as fossils from the past, and have then been arranged neatly across the surface of the furniture object.

Shamsian Nizwa Collection – Bethan Gray

designjunctionThe exquisite pieces of the Nizwa collection are made with beautiful maple wood and the ombré on the cabinet is created by hand using a technique called stain shading.


The distinct patterning is elegantly crafted using solid brass overlay, creating a truly unique and contemporary aesthetic.

Shamsian Dhow Collection

designjunctionThe exquisite pieces of the Dhow collection are elegantly crafted using brass inlay on directional veneer, creating a truly unique and contemporary aesthetic. For the Dhow collection, Bethan has taken inspiration from the traditional Dhow sailing boats of Oman.

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