BDNY 2017: The Best Cabinets You Can Find

Boutique Design New York – BDNY – is the leading conference and trade fair for the hospitality design industry. For the eighth time, this annual fair brings together interior designers, architects, purchasing agents and hospitality developers with manufacturers and marketers of high-caliber design for hospitality interiors. Today we want to show you some of the best cabinets you can find in BDNY this year. Don’t forget to visit it if you can!

BDNY 2017: The Best Cabinets You Can Find

Kiosk is a tall cabinet with narrow legs. The textured door is a fine addition to any patterned wall.

BDNY 2017: The Best Cabinets You Can Find

Branch is a cabinet worthy of its name. The silver-leaf branches hug the cabinet itself shaping its legs creating an astonishing piece.

BDNY 2017: The Best Cabinets You Can Find

This Decca Dry Bar is completely made of wood. The dark brown glossy finish synergizes with the thin golden asymmetric lines creating a unique modern design.

Brown wood glass server cabinet offers a transparent experience. The glass top and glass doors make this cabinet hold no secrets.

Aldo Tura Bar Cabinet is a rustic yet very modern piece, the seemingly bulky and rude designs blend with the modern materials creating a piece of unique design.

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Orchidea is an oval shaped cabinet has a black lacquered glossy finish with orchids for handles on the doors and drawers.

Camilia is a pure display of elegance and grace. The hand-carved peacock is a luxurious addition that is inspired by the aristocratic palaces of the Alexandrian pashas of Egypt.

Orion Cabinet was inspired by one of the most anciently known constellations in history. The walnut root with black translucent strains makes this piece a focal point wherever it stands.

Monocles is a drinks cabinet with brass features and the classic solid walnut root. If it seems too large or bulky the slimmer taller version is always an option.

Spellbound Cabinet reveals a mesmerizing organic hardware of flowers that conceal a beautiful chest within. Not even the legs escape the continuous natural growth that offers this piece a vivid design.

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