The Best Metal Sideboards For A Welcoming Entrance Foyer

Planning to turn your entrance foyer a more welcoming place? Have you considered metal sideboard? We at Buffets and Cabinets think a metal sideboard would be a great addition, scroll with us and discover some of the best metal sideboards you can get to have a welcoming entrance foyer.

The Best Metal Sideboards For A Welcoming Entrance Foyer

The Best Metal Sideboards For A Welcoming Entrance Foyer

The Lapiaz Sideboard by Boca do Lobo is made of two individual consisting modules in polished stainless steel. The gold leaf details add life to the steel exterior.

Symphony Sideboard by Boca do Lobo is an astonishing piece. The tubular outside structure is made of gold plated brass.

The inspiration to craft this sideboard comes from the church organ tubes.

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Darian Sideboard is an example of how great metalwork and woodwork can be in harmony in a single piece. The dynamic irregular shape gives this sideboard a daring personality.

Mauris is an intriguing piece. The large doors at the center draw attention from the glossy brass tubes on the sides. The thin tubes provide an elegant touch to the bulky doors.

Elderton has stainless steel doors and gold brass handles that make the sophisticated look provided by the steel seem a bit more classical.

Devi is a modern looking sideboard. The black lacquered aluminum almost seems ebony wood. The golden detailed leaves on the front remove the dim look of the sideboard giving it a contrast.

Wattisham is an amazing piece that can fit either a modern entrance foyer or a classic one. The metallic sideboard has a creamy look at can blend to any style.

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