15 Sideboard Inspirations For A Contemporary Design

The sideboard is a versatile piece of furniture that helps you out in multiple ways. Take a look at this selection of sideboards with a contemporary design!

Consisting of two individual modules, this sideboard’s contemporary design resembles a cracked stone and even golden lava. It’s finished in polished stainless steel that portrays a perfect mirror, with a poplar root wood veneer interior.

With design ideas based on curch tubs, as well as the curves of a violin, this handmade cabinet features a cluster of polished brass tubes envelope an exotic wood structure, creating a harmonious artful juxtaposition to the rhythm of the pipes. This reinterpretation of classic elements through contemporary design and cutting-edge technology is definitely an emblematic piece.

With a style of a precious jewel, the Diamond sideboard, colored in green emerald, will make a splash in the world of buffets and sideboards. Featuring three highly sculptured doors leading to a gold leaf interior with shelving and two drawers, its exterior is presented in silver leaf finished with a luxurious shade of translucent green emerald with high gloss varnish.

This contemporary design is precisely a new take on one the previous iconic piece, who underwent a process of Metamorphosis and entered a new aesthetic realm. This exclusive design questions the meaning of beauty and seeks to provoke a reaction.

This highly stylish black sideboard provides a generous amount of storage space without being too imposing. It is a unique piece of furniture that lends an attractive presence that will match with a lot of interior design ideas. Four flush doors open discreetly to the interior of the piece, where you will find elegant drawers and functional shelving.

The attitude and irreverence reflected by this piece made it an icon, never unnoticed in any part of the world. Drawers that count different and varied techniques from glass to wood, lacquer color to mirror and gold leaf compose this sideboard’s contemporary design, finely refined by brass handles.

This piece portrays a small journey through history and culture. Covered in Azulejos, telling tales of maritime discoveries and expansion through the ups and downs of its handpainted tiles. Contemporary design based on a landmark in Portuguese architecture – azulejo -, it comfortably blends in all environments while maintaining a luxury appeal.

Cabinets Boca do Lobo

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Lovely silver beads create the contrast the creme sideboard needed to differentiate itself from the rest of the room.

This contemporary sideboard sports an ultra-modern design with a geometrical relief detail in a contrasting finish. It is not only a functional storage cabinet but an accent piece too, creating a focal point in your house designs.

The combination of traditional materials and techniques in contemporary designs exudes elegance and timelessness, such as in buffets and cabinets whose concept is based on anamorphic projection technique used to send secret messages or obscure visions within paintings.

Featuring another example of how luxury brands manage to bring back the past and merge it into fabulous contemporary designs, this white sideboard with fragmented and salient doors/drawers is an astonishing piece.

A golden swirl is demonstrated in this handcrafted sideboard. Finely crafted of beechwood and wood composite, it blends perfectly with the rest of the contemporary decoration.

An also great contemporary design example is how to fit a colored sideboard in a neutral area. This piece provides proof of how to provide a solid foundation for decoration in a space with neutral colors.

Navy blue buffets and cabinets can be a great option for interior design ideas and contemporary living spaces, and this piece with alternated compartments is beautiful.contemporary designWhat more of a contemporary design piece than one with a mix of walnut burl and gold brass? The fragmented bits of the both really manage to create an exclusive design.

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Cabinets Boca do Lobo

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