Best Furniture Designs: The Original Beetle Cabinet by Janis Straupe

Buffets and Cabinets have the pleasure to share with you one of the best furniture designs – the Original Beetle Cabinet by Janis Straupe.

best furniture designsDesigner Janis Straupe is part of the True Latvia team, one of the finest and most respected professionals in his field. He has been woodcarving for more than 30 years. This piece of furniture/sculpture gives you an idea of the artist’s extraordinary skills

best furniture designs

best furniture designsAlder wood cabinet made in a shape of a beetle. This is a sculpture with function, in its own style that does not belong to any art decade.

best furniture designs

“The Beetle” cabinet was made in 2005 and it took 3 months to carve (over 11 staff guided by Janis). Inside the cabinet, there are 11 drawers, section for stationery, wine rack, and paperwork section with two secret sections.

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best furniture designs

Finding a beetle on the beach, Janis was inspired to create this amazing work of art. The “Beetle” cabinet is a culmination of over 30 years experience as Latvia`s finest and leading wood artist. Made of Alder wood, it took over a year to make, from the original idea to the finished piece.

It contains a series of 11 pull-out drawers, shelves, and even a wine rack, as well many trademark personal touches; you are welcome to try to find the two hidden compartments.

Janis Straupe’s work is well represented in various museums and is technically complex without any pretentious extraneous details. It is very much function over form but his attention to aesthetic details is sublime. Straupe is very much known for his untraditional viewpoint. Every one of his works has a unique special detail, often hidden, that distinguishes them from the mundane. Decoratum is Janis Straupe`s exclusive worldwide representative.

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