6 Cabinet Designs to Add a Touch of Luxury in Your Home

We must agree that one single piece of furniture, like cabinet designs, can change the whole set of a room, especially if they are elegant and sophisticated. Today we made a selection of 6 cabinet designs that will definitely give your home a touch of luxury.

These outstanding pieces combine the highest-quality materials with leading-edge technologies and top-of-the-line appliances. Step inside the refined world of these luxury brands and their incredible modern cabinets.

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D. Manuel Cabinet (Boca do Lobo)

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King Manuel I of Portugal is best known for his support of Portuguese maritime exploration. During his reign, Dom Manuel saw his fleet discover India, Brasil, and reach distant lands such as Greenland and Newfound Land, and solidified trading routs and agreements between Persia, China, Morocco and Portugal. This noble cabinet draws inspirations from his legacy, the Manueline aesthetic and style, and pays a tribute to Portugal’s most influential epochs.

Pixel (Boca do Lobo)

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Pixel is an effort to honor the union between design and craftsmanship. The 1088 triangles that complete this piece carry the dedication and art of those who built it – with a diversity of finishes never seen before.

Symphony Cabinet (Boca do Lobo)

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The Symphony Cabinet is inspired by the movement and evolution of music, from the natural flow of sound to its various epochs and styles. Re-interpreting key design elements found in church organs, violins and the details of brass instruments, the Symphony Cabinet seeks to move and stir emotion much like a musical composition. Handcrafted from the finest materials, this piece is a quintessential piece of pure elegance and style.

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Monocles (Essential Home)

cabinet designsIf you are a fan of the James Bond world, you will certainly be dazzled with this golden eye‐catching piece. We named this sideboard “Monocles” and it’s 100% prepared for Martini and Gin bottles. Made of solid walnut wood and Brass with knurled details. Circles are engraved on the sides and back in the walnut wood, while the three golden doors fulfill the setting with a kind of ‘kiss kiss bang bang’ spirit.

ORION (Brabbu)

cabinet designsPowered by BRABBU, this modern cabinet is a reminding for who has been stargazing for any length of time and noticed ORION like a distinctive arrangement of stars that brightens from December to April. Known since ancient times, ORION is a constellation lying on the celestial equator, visible from both hemispheres and one of the brightest constellations in the night sky. A remarkable piece for a modern home decor, ORION is made of wood snuggled by a kind of a brass web whose structure reminds the constellation. This cabinet is the ideal home furniture piece for storage with style in a modern home decor.

Heritage Cabinet

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Heritage is an elegant décor piece to compliment the decoration of any interior setting. A highly coveted ensemble of hand-painted tiles like those of an expert-curated art collection brings together master artisans and craftsmen for Boca do Lobo’s Heritage. In its interior, there is one door and four drawers, fully lined with gold leaf.

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Written by Ana Leal