Best Buffets and Cabinets Exhibitors at Maison Et Objet

Maison et Objet is coming, it’s next week already!

We present you the best buffets and cabinets exhibitors, who happened to be also amazing designers. Take a look!


The art of designing and crafting exclusive pieces. BOCA DO LOBO seeks to encourage and represent the most authentic handcrafting techniques around the world. They are fearless and crave for innovation, their aim for excellence is what determines their passion. To them design is not merely an accurate creative process, moreover is the art of inspiring and evoking unique emotions to the world. They stand for emotions, their objective is to evoke exclusive sensations and provoke reactions. Their success and growth have been determined by the commitment to design, produce and distribute high-end furniture and incomparable experiences.


TREKU is a Spanish manufacturer of designer home furniture with customers in over thirty countries. The firm will be presenting a new collection by the acclaimed French designer JEAN LOUIS IRATZOKI. at the Maison et Objet fair.

maison et objet

Maison et objet

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The French editor HARTÔ creates smart and colorful furniture and shows its sixth collection on Now! Design à Vivre. At HARTÔ, we love furniture and objects that are practical. We believe that interiors should adapt seamlessly to our lifestyle, every day. This focuses our creativity on merging the practical aspects of every day living while adding that special finishing and functional touch that catches the eye.

maison et objet


Objects that fit your mood. MMOOD specializes in concepts and stories for the furniture market. MMOOD, therefore, departs from unique objects, instead of collections. Objects that all reconcile ‘form’ and ‘function’ and have an added function that makes life more pleasant and comfortable. This allows you to choose your own piece of furniture that fits in your story.

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