Extra-Long Buffets and Sideboards to Make an Impression

We present you a set of buffets and sideboards created by luxury brands that are one of the best brands of interior design. Check out these designed pieces by Essential home, Vincent Dubourg’s, Luxxu, and Boca Do Lobo. 


Boca Do Lobo 


Discover this hand-painted piece from Boca Do Lobo, which portrays the Portuguese design heritage gathered throughout the centuries. Each layer within this luxury piece conveys a story. Boca Do Lobo’s sideboard Heritage is inspired from the traditional architecture of Portugal. Buffets and sideboards from Boca Do Lobo will make your home full of everlasting luxury interior design. 

Essential home



An overwhelming gold piece that would attract the fans of James Bond and leave them  speechless. This sideboard is mainly made of solid wood,  and the appeared circles are carved both on the sides as well as the back, to offer a unique large sideboard, which will  create a contemporary living space, and a unique experience for its buyers to enjoy a contemporary home filled with exclusive luxury interior design. 

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Vincent Dubourg’s  sideboard design

The well-known and talented French artist Vincent Dubourg’s has brought up a different style of sideboard, using squares arranged in a way that shows the pieces flying off the furniture.

 Yet, the pieces in this sideboard appears to be frozen at the same time, which gives to buyers a fascinating and ever lasting products adapted to a new and modern style. 


buffets and sideboardsWe present you the Darian sideboard featured by a different shape. This long sideboard is created by materials with various specialities, that include metal and wood. The resulting piece is an exclusive design to furnish your home with luxury buffets and sideboards  that will animate your living space


We hope you enjoyed our curated selection of buffets and sideboards.

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