Unique Cabinet Designs: Pixel Cabinet by Pascal Smelik

The Pixel Cabinet by Dutch designer Pascal Smelik is one of the amazing unique cabinet designs. He uses what he calls the “unknown factor” during the creation process on his furniture designs. To bring back enthusiasm for new possibilities and unexpectedness, Pascal works with unusual materials, techniques, and designs.

cabinet designs

cabinet designs

With the Pixel Cabinet, Pascal merges the real world and the digital world together. By incorporating wooden panels and pixels into the design of the cabinet, this piece is a fusion of the artisan and the digital approach towards design.

cabinet designs

“Nowadays the design is so premeditated. Everything gets designed by a computer and the result does not differ from the rendering.”- Pascal Smelik

cabinet designsAs a graduate of the University of the Arts Utrecht, Pascal gained attention with a series of candle wax based products.

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The series of his work that he named ‘Kaarsrecht’, is a showcase of his intriguing and dynamic designs.

His nomination for the ‘Piet Bakker Award’ and the ‘Talent 2009 Design Awards’ encouraged him to open his own studio in Amsterdam.This is where he keeps exploring all kinds of materials which he can translate into products we know today.

Pascal believes that the creation process should be a unique procedure every time, even if it includes mistakes.

Pixel Cabinet is a piece that is inspired by the constructions of the digital world but is translated into a real-life object that reminds us of how these two worlds coexist.

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