The Precious Cabinet Design from CTRLZAK

Today we share with you the Precious Cabinet Design by CRTLZAK.

cabinet designSince ancient times people have come up with ways to safe keep their most precious possessions. Centuries ago in Greece and Rome, Egypt and even China, containers with intricate mechanisms were devised all with one purpose: safeguard their content. Safes and vaults are still used nowadays and are now more intricate and complex than ever, even though the basic concept is still unchanged. CTRLZAK’s research on the subject took the object’s concept a step further questioning the actual role and aesthetics of a safe, resulting in a transparent object called ‘precious’.

The light crystal surfaces make the cabinet transparent.

‘Precious’ is a storage cabinet design in transparent extra light crystal with a shutting mechanism and base in brushed-finished brass. As a real safe it protects its contents but at the same time, it intentionally reveals it. Protection of valuables is an important issue, but what is valuable and what is not is something that is decided by the people who place the objects inside a safe. The ‘precious’ project puts in evidence the contents for everyone to see creating containers that are as valuable as the objects ‘hidden’ within them. It is up to the owner to decide what he wants to hide in plain sight.

The shutting mechanism resembles the ones used for safes.

Brushed-finished brass elevates the precious cabinet to a more elegant state.

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‘Precious’ protects and at the same time reveals its content

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