10 Strange But Extraordinary Cabinet Designs

Modern cabinet designs may come in unexpected shapes, colors and functions that will not only create a personal elegant feel but can also make a bold statement or an unusual focal point. Check out the top 10 most extraordinary and strange cabinets with amazingly creative designs. Enjoy!cabinet designsDesigned by Bora Çakilkaya, who was inspired by growing up with grandmothers who spent their time knitting and sewing, the Grandma Chair features various sized drawers to store all the little supplies that come along with those hobbies. Attached to the back of the chair, the drawers with the supplies are always within arm’s reach.

cabinet designsWouldn’t it be nice to live in a world that adapted to our whims at the snap of a finger? Alas, such luxuries may only be dreams, but the ingenious PinPres shelf comes pretty close. The shelf is constructed of finely chiseled, locally forested beechwood pegs that can be arranged in any which way to fit any shelving needs—books, decorations, eyeglasses, cell phone. Just think of it as interactive storage art—art, that is, designed just for you. Its the only shelf that makes cleaning fun.

cabinet designsPunished to the Corner” Storage by Cristina Toledo.

cabinet designsTwin Shelves by Chilean gt2P Studio and Sergey Voronom.

cabinet designsGrenade and hand shaped dressers created by Los Carpinteros.

cabinet designs

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cabinet designs

Designer Tembolat Gugkaev reinterprets everyday furniture by giving it a new functionality, with the Wha Cabinet shelf design.

Psych dresser – The concept of this cabinet is to deceive the users by exploring and contrasting the exterior and interior.

Providing ample seating while entertaining guests can be a challenge – especially if you live in a small space and don’t have room for lots of chairs. To solve this problem, Dutch designer Rianne Koens developed her Oturakast series of modular stools, which can be stacked up to form a cabinet when they’re not in use. Each wooden unit features movable legs that can be unfolded into a seat or folded up for stacking to create a custom modular cabinet…

Firewood Dresser- Unique dresser made by Mark Moskovitz looks like a stack of wood.

Creative dresser shaped like a stylish black dress will make a great addition to any modern bedroom. Little Black Dresser was designed by Judson Beaumont from Vancouver.

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