Sideboard Design Trends For Spring

Spring is coming, and with spring we present Sideboard Design Trends. From ice cream to gold, tropical and geometric, we see them all.

Ice cream colors

Who doesn´t love ice cream, ice cream is the spring/summer flavor.

This year Gelato colours are going to be a huge trend in interior design trends and fashion, but there’s no reason to wait until spring, start investing in key pieces now and get ahead of the crowd. And in gelato colours you can get everything…

Pink buffets and cabinets, yellow buffets and sideboards, green armchairs and purple dining tables, just choose.

This luxurious Diamond sideboard is an excellent gelato colour example.


Geometrics started in the fall trends and the winter trends, but is not over. When it started was all over rugs and cushions… but now is tiles, and wallpaper and art.

Boca do Lobo maybe created this trend when creating this exclusive design that is the Heritage sideboard.

And the Heritage sepia.

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This spring, gold is the king, the trendiest of the design trends, this metallic trend will show the elegance of every luxury products, from golden luxury sideboards, cabinets to golden door knobs, handles, wall lamps and picture frames. We are golden just like Mika´s song.

Like this Lapiaz sideboard from Boca do Lobo.


The ones that love nature but also high end brands, the tropical design trends decided to stay. With bright and colour shocks and sunny backgrounds. Leaf prints, green colours and jungle backgrounds came to stay in this spring design trends.

Sideboard Design Trends For Spring

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