The Original Cabinets Designs by Picchio Furniture

Buffets and Cabinets Blog shares with you the original cabinets designs by Picchio Furniture.

Picchio is a brand that consists of the creation of author pieces, in sharing knowledge and experience with Moveiras company. The brand has a strong Design component and the use of traditional raw materials of the Portuguese culture.

cabinets designsThe position of Picchio consists of the investment in the area of innovation and development, aiming to highlight the Portuguese design.

Their first three pieces are truly something to behold.

cabinets designsOno is a sideboard with a formal organic and dynamic proposal, where a deliberate precise line defines the whole image.

cabinets designs

cabinets designsIt consists of two pieces, built in several pieces of solid wood, cut from the top, which provides a fairly random and customized texture. In contrast with the wood, the piece presents two drawers lacquered in black wood, with a high embossed texture in the front plans of the drawers.

Bolzano Point is a storage cabinet made of white lacquered wood with rounded lines. The formal harmony is assumed in the front plans of the doors which present a wavy texture, in high and low reliefs of small cork cylinders.

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cabinets designs

These cylinders serve as handles and in a playful way, they even entertain its users. In these surfaces a watery varnish was applied that assumes and enhances the natural texture of the cork.

This piece of furniture is based on a massive copper skirt, whose organic line contrasts with the body. This piece of furniture allows different spatial contexts and frameworks and its utility is multipurpose and versatile.

Vence is a dresser with a parallelepiped form which arises from the balance and the dynamics of oblique lines, in chromed stainless steel that announces the existing plans of the front doors and drawers.

These plans show different materials and, in turn, different textures such as lacquered black and brown wood and even cork which inspire the user’s utility of the product. This piece of furniture has no handle. Can be easily framed in different spaces and contexts.

Source: DesignMilk

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