Modern yellow cabinet. Go bold with color details and simple lines and forms.
Top 10 Vintage Bar Cabinets
MANNING BAR BY MITCHELL GOLD + BOB WILLIAMS "It's such a compact piece of furniture, but you can fit a lot into this!" says Pilkington, opening the unit to reveal shelves, racks for wine, and doors with bottle storage. "It's a great value." The ash-veneer bar, 40" h. x 34" w. x 18" d., pays tribute to midcentury modernism with its stainless steel legs, and the practical white-glass top also lightens its look.
Top 10 Vintage Bar Cabinets
STOCKHOLM CABINET BY IKEA For Batt, this trim cabinet proves that "great style doesn't have to break the bank." The 69" h. x 30" w. x 15" d. piece has an Asian Deco feel, he says, "with an air of sophistication." The doors and sides are veneered in oak, and the shelves are adjustable. For a pop of color, he'd paper the interior, since the glass panels allow a peek inside.
Top 10 Vintage Bar Cabinets
LINE BAR BY NATHAN YONG FOR DESIGN WITHIN REACH With its rectilinear shape and slatted exterior, this has a handsome, natural look, says Pilkington. "It's got Zen—it would work in a modern space or in the country," she points out. The 42" h. x 42" w. x 20" d. walnut bar has wineglass racks, cubbies for bottles, and drawers with leather pulls; plus, it's the right height for mixing drinks, she adds.
Top 10 Vintage Bar Cabinets
Top 10 Vintage Bar Cabinets
Top 10 Vintage Bar Cabinets

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