Best Furniture Designs: ROOM Collection from Olovsson and Cho

Best Furniture Designs: ROOM Collection Furniture System by Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho lets you compose your own furniture, with 25 stackable blocks, each with a cut-out volume inspired by a particular object, along with a low table and a mirror.

With the Room system, Olovsson and Cho wanted to challenge the assumption that objects should always be displayed within a rectangular space.

best furnitureEach part of the 25 modular pieces features a geometric void, the shape of which is defined by the objects it might hold, from books to vases, bottles, and plants.

“We put things into square spaces without thinking about the relationship between the object and the room it’s in,” Olovsson told in an interview to Dezeen. “The Room collection has various different voids, in a bold and unconventional way, to give each object a greater focus by giving it its own room.”

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best furniture

best furniture“Each block was inspired by a specific object, creating various shapes and sizes,” he continued. “The round for wine, zigzag for phones, tablets, and laptops, or peaked for an open book. Each block can be room to invite any object – the composition is unlimited.” “Our intention is also to let people explore their own composition with just a few pieces or the whole set as a shelf, which maximizes flexibility of the relationship between object and space,” said Olovsson.

best furnitureThe collection is made from matte-lacquered plywood. “Although the mix-and-match system is flexible, the form and structure are strict,” Olovsson explained. “We wanted to add warmth and softness with the natural pattern of wood. A matte-lacquer finish is less affected by reflection and allows the wood grain and the form to present in a gentle way.”

best furnitureSource: Dezeen

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