Glass Cabinets By Alessandro Michele For The Gucci Garden Series

Take a look at the Glass cabinets By Alessandro Michele For The Gucci Garden Series. The transformed Glass Cabinets for the Gucci Gardens.

Glass Cabinets By Alessandro Michele For The Gucci Garden SeriesCurated by fashion curator Maria Luisa Frisa, the Gucci Garden Galleria takes over the first and second floors of the Palazzo in a series of exhibition rooms showcasing the extraordinary and eclectic creativity at the heart of Gucci.

She has eschewed a staid curation of chronological order preferring instead to confrontational combine the past with the present in thematic groups whereby recent clothes and accessories are mixed with vintage pieces memorabilia and ephemera sit side by side with contemporary artworks, and archival documents are accompanied by video installations.

We can see they transformed the furniture in new glass cabinets for displaying some of the pieces.

In other rooms the modern cabinets share a have a vintage look with a natural and new look.

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In fact, the whole project can be said to pay homage to the city of Florence, its rich history of art furniture and craftsmanship referenced in Gucci’s legacy of artisan workmanship.

The store design  is a series of imposing rooms that have been designed to reflect the original architecture of the Palazzo furnished by antique-shop finds like tables, buffets and cabinets, which have been repaired and painted in a range of distinct Florentine colours. Most of the new line pieces are displayed in glass cabinets.

Gucci Garden’s maximalist luxury furniture unfolds under the watchful eye of Alessandro Michele, not only figuratively but also symbolically as a new eye design created by Michele as the designated symbol of the project and gloriously projected onto the palazzo’s facade at night.

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