Unique Designs: Bionic Sideboard with Rotating Hexagons

Piurra design in collaboration with Luis Filipe Fernandes has created these unique designs: the Bionic Sideboard.

unique designs

This is a piece of furniture where the hexagonal elements, which can take on different configurations, outline what appears to the structure of a beehive. This is a perfect piece for those who like to play and change the items around as these hexagons can be rotated as you like – the item is absolutely interactive.

unique designs

The pixellated front of his Bionic Sideboard relies on rotating hexagonal elements strung on rods. When flat they form a solid surface. But they coax the visitor to touch them.

unique designs

Piurra is named after a child’s toy, a spinning top, that the designer’s grandfather – a master woodcarver and Gold Leaf applier – made for his grandchildren to play.

unique designs

Rui Viana says he was inspired by the stories his family told of his grandfather’s prodigious ability to mold wood with his bare hands, transforming wood into beautiful pieces. He pays a tribute to his grandfather with his company name.

Seven Skirts Sideboard

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Seven Skirts 3 Cabinet

Aro Sideboard”All our products are made to order and produced in Portugal,” says Viana. “As such we can vary the dimensions, finishes, colors and configurations to suit our clients needs, always ensuring that the design is respected.” Of course there are charges for design work that require a significant departure from the original.

Aro Sideboard

unique designs
Louis Cabinet

“All of our pieces are mainly hand made by small-scale companies and traditional artisans. Most of them are family businesses. Buying Piurra products you are supporting local economy. Almost all our suppliers distance 15km from Piurra headquarters.”

PNH Sideboard

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