The Amazing Hampton Cabinet Design by Rossato

Buffets and Cabinets Blog shares with you the amazing Hampton Cabinet Design by Rossato.


RossatoHampton display cabinet is also an artwork with a balance between empty and filled, with chic finishes and eye-catchy shapes


Cabinets add a special feel to almost any room. Depending on the cabinet, you can get functionality or beauty but only a few get a beautiful mixture of both. Display cabinets tend to be very expensive with the more you expect of your cabinet in regards to design, manufacturer and materials used. However, a good cabinet will last a lifetime of use and change the aspect of the area it’s placed in.

RossatoDesigned by Hangar Design Group for Rossato, the highly customizable Hampton cabinet helps you show off your home’s treasures in style. Hampton display cabinet creates an essential geometry with a perfect balance between full and empty.

RossatoEssential characteristic is the surface finish determined by sophisticated weaving strips of oak wood, hand sanded and painted, which makes up a mosaic of great visual effect. For this piece, the manufacturers will produce the designs in pretty much whatever material you would like, including gold insertions upon request.

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An art piece in itself, this oak cabinet displays objects of interest, entertains as a mini bar or conceals clutter in the entry. The surface forms are reflected in what we can describe as a playful puzzle of geometric shapes. For an authentic look, the furniture display cabinet is made of or veneered with oak and finished to emphasize the wood’s natural tones. Inside the cabinet, the shelving system is customizable to accommodate large or bulky items.

You also can find the Hampton writing desk.

Having such pieces means having an art piece that stores and displays your things.

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