Discover The Most Luxurious Cabinets For This Summer

Are you tired of the look of your house? Do you feel you need something to give it energy? Take a couple of minutes to see the luxurious Cabinets we found for this Summer that will revive your house.

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The High-End Luxury Italian Display from Juliette’s Interiors it’s a luxury piece made from the finest of materials, it is a beautiful blend of classic Italian design and impeccable master craftsmanship.

This piece from Boca do Lobo, is a piece that honors one of the most important kings in the world, king D. Manuel from Portugal, a king that invest in the discovery times and made a huge step considering the time he lives, making him a visionary.


The Piccadilly from Boca do Lobo too, it’s a piece that takes contemporary furniture design to the very next level  with the combination of two totally different style


Mafalda Soares of Memoir as creates this majestic piece with white and golden features to give a very sophisticated image to the room.


Do you ever wish you had a bar on your leaving room? or maybe one o your own office, the “The Luxury bar cabinet” could be it with a modern line structure in cherry wood and marine plywood with finishing lacquer and applications in silver leaf, this piece is hard to resist


Lovers of luxury will adore the Alexandra Bar by Coleccion Alexandra, a statement piece like no other with two opposing but complementary styles. This masterpiece will be your own personal treasure box, for fine wines, books or trinkets found in your many global travels.



An iconic piece from Boca do Lobo more than 1000 hand painted triangles, the Pixel is a piece that will make a change in your room and center the attention on this beautiful handcraft masterpiece.

Victoria another cabinet that combines two different styles in perfect harmony, what gives it a design that can match with a lot of different environments. One thing that comes first to the eye is the golden interior.


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