The Best Wooden Sideboards for a Rustic Yet Modern Look

Made popular during the fifties, sideboards have come as a chic yet useful way of storage in any room they are displayed in. They come in different shapes, materials, and finishes, meeting every taste. However, when it comes to wooden sideboards, those are never a thing of the past. They are able to offer any room a rustic yet modern look and it is just impossible for them to go unnoticed.

We have selected a few of our favorite wooden sideboards able to meet the taste of any design aficionado.

Inspired by the Majestic Café in Oporto, very famous during the Belle Époque, the Majestic is a modern and highly stylish sideboard, that provides just the right amount of storage space, without being too imposing. It really is a unique piece of furniture that lends an attractive presence to any room.

The Huang Sideboard, by BRABBU, is inspired by the magnificence of a mountain range in eastern China known for its spectacular scenery. It features walnut root and rosewood veneer, and details in matte hammered brushed aged brass. This wooden sideboard brings instant character to a modern interior design.

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The Ebb Tide Sideboard, by Michael Coffey, is a dynamic sideboard or sculpture made from beautiful exotic hardwood. Deep carved wood exterior and sides form undulating lines, sunken nooks and crevices to create a formidable facade.

The Nazca Sideboard‘s name comes from a tectonic plate located in the southern Pacific Ocean. It is named as a tribute to Mother Earth’s heartbeat. This wooden sideboard has a structure in matte walnut root veneer that will add a richer earth beat to any home decor.

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The Piccadilly Sideboard, also by Boca do Lobo, combines the dynamism of design with the power of narrative. It is highly expressive, and has a precise knowledge of craft, materials, and production techniques, resulting in a blend of enchanting fantasy and potent reality.

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