Discover the Finest Cabinets by Paul Evans

Paul Evans was an American designer and sculptor, who was a wild card of late 20th-century modernism. His work reveals a singular aesthetic sense, as well as a seemingly contradictory appreciation for both “folk art” forms and for new materials and technologies.

Paul Evans‘ pieces are easily recognized by the use of sculpted metals, such as bronze, stainless steel, copper, and slate, as well as a geometric massing of metal or wood, topped by glass.

Most of his case pieces, like these cabinets, are heavy and massive with welded, enameled surfaces often broken-up into a series of boxes containing primitive-looking designs: whorls, starbursts, squares, as well as with shiny, metal patchwork surfaces with angular features.

Rare and Exceptional large “Argente” cabinet model PE-43 in welded and patinated aluminum with two full height doors by Paul Evans.

The Argente series is one of Evans’ most sought after and collectible.

Sculpted Bronze Floating Cabinet in Argente Finish, 1969 – A scarce Paul Evans floating console, model PE-40, in hand-sculptured bronze resin in the argente (silver) finish. It is estimated that for every ten of the bronze finish examples, only one of the argente was made.


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Metalic cabinet designed by Paul Evans for Directional. Patchwork mixed metals cabinet consisting of Copper, Brass and Pewter.

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Cityscape cabinet from the PE 300 series

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Cityscape cabinet from the PE 400 series

Paul Evans Cabinet Model PE 40A, 1972

Paul Evans‘ pieces cannot just go unnoticed. They are truly timeless and perfectly match the taste of mid-century but also futurist design lovers.


(Source: 1stdibs)
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