The Azulejo Technique Behind Boca do Lobo’s Heritage Collection

Hand-painted tiles – or Azulejos, as they are called in Portugal, are deeply embedded in the history of Portugal and are truly part of the Heritage Collection of the Portuguese Art.

They have originally appeared in Portugal under the Moorish people on the XV century. Many people claim that the word is a derivation of “Azul”, the Portuguese word for “blue”, with Arabic origins, that comes from az-zulayj, translated as “polished stone”. Ever since then, it has held a valuable place in the Portuguese legacy thanks to Arabs, Italians, and Dutch. Since the 19th century, the art of Azulejo has become large-scale and high-volume in architectural use, particularly as inside and outside décor of buildings or house painting images.

This mix of cultures and history made Heritage the perfect word for Boca do Lobo‘s Heritage Collection design concept. There is no surprise that one of the most iconic luxury furniture pieces from Boca do Lobo honors this treasurable fine art.

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The traditional Portuguese decorative tile portrays scenes from the history as well as panoramic views or geometric and floral motifs.

The paintwork over tiles is a meticulous process: laying the patterns is slow and complex, therefore it requires special skills and experience. No handpainted piece will ever look exactly the same as another one. Each master of azulejo is unique and strives to guarantee the transition of knowledge from generation to generation.

The Portuguese brand Boca do Lobo has an important role in maintaining and preserving this knowledge transition. On this Heritage Collection, the brand added aesthetic concepts to the traditional craftsmanship by creating timeless pieces.

The Heritage sideboard is the first result of their fine work. This sophisticated piece presents the whole Portuguese history through handpainted tiles: the Great Discoveries, the greatest sailors, the greatest merchants.

buffets and cabinets, exclusive design, buffets and sideboards, cabinet design, azulejo, arts and craft, craftsmanship, craftsmenMade according to the traditional recipe, this design creation is the triumph of both handcraft and contemporary style, giving a modern look to any room it is displayed in

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