The Newton Family as Key Pieces for your Home Décor

Boca do Lobo has defeated all the laws of physics and redesigned this monumental design concept, the Newton Series. Today, Buffets & Cabinets brings you some Newton pieces that serve complete key pieces for any home décor.

The fundamental contribution of Isaac Newton’s theory includes the quantification of gravitational attraction. Boca do Lobo has also used this science to turn transcendent inspirations into living art.

Rightly famous for being at the forefront of harnessing new techniques and concepts, Boca do Lobo has traveled back in time for a head-turning masterpiece composed of gleaming spheres and semi spheres amassed one on top of the other, held together by gravity itself. The result was an arresting ode to art and science, with the spherical components looking like modular parts of a molecular diagram writ large, just perfect to serve as a statement piece for your home décor.


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Like the Newton Law Theory, there is no effect or motion without a cause. ‘I deduced that the forces which keep the planets in their orbs must be reciprocal as the squares of their distances from the centers about which they revolve’. The brand believes that everything can be portraited to reality and Newton Series is the reaction to this ‘momentum’ of pure design.

Boca do Lobo has put emphasis and rediscovered the occult wisdom of the ancient techniques to bring to life real pieces of art through the unique hands of master artisans.

Mixing the old with the new, the Newton Series is an insightful combination of a grandeur concept and a experimental craftsmanship, turning every piece in the series a true statement piece for every home décor.

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