Contemporary Buffets and Cabinets For Your Home Decor

It is a mystery how contemporary buffets and cabinets functions so well in our home décor. These luxury furnitures allow us to create a perfect balance between an unique decoration and a storage solution in an incredible stylish way.

Considering this, we will present you the most contemporary buffets and cabinets to highlight your living room décor.


The fine art of welding can be very challenging and minimalist. Symphony masterpiece is  very representative of exclusivity taking into account the craftsmanship outcome involved on it. It’s a sideboard which clearly reflects the passion for music and metalwork.


Heritage sideboard is a craftmanship icon.  It truly represents the combination between the legacy and the future of a Portugal. The using of hand-painted titles, called “azulejos”, is an unique and exclusive style for your home décor.

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Mondrian white is the perfect representation of fundamental basics past references in a modern world. The reduction of shapes to lines and rectangles are the most important techniques of this piece. It’s a very suitable sideboard to modern ambiances.

Nazca is a tribute to Mother Earth’s heartbeat. The structure of matte walnut is very cosmopolite, which allows a great combination with other impressive pieces. This luxury furniture can really challenge all your home décor ideas.

Sideboards GIF Boca do Lobo


Pixel Anodized is an exclusive cabinet which stands out for its geometrical art deco. Many luxury brands inspire their products on this figure: the pixel. This fine art will definitely create a unique decoration.


“The Lapiaz” is a french word for stone. This luxury cabinet provide us with an incredible symbiosis between nature spontaneity, craftsmanship and the design world.


The richness and variety of Portuguese cultural heritage is perfectly represented by this luxury furniture.


The Forest cabinet has a wooden structure very inspired by the creativity of this environment. It is a very innovative furniture, which has a base carved from mahogany and the interior is defined by angling shelves.

Cabinets GIF Boca do Lobo