Stunning Luxury Cabinets By Top Furniture Brands

The world of interior design never stands still, in this article we have prepared a curated selection of most luxury cabinets that will give you an overall idea about the nowadays luxury furniture, design mainstreams and will inspire you for some further actions to create an opulent living room for your Dolce Vita lifestyle.

Every single room has a storage need, where a luxury cabinet can certainly be fitted. In summary, we offer the ultimate selection of the best cabinet design! In this article, you’ll find Buffets, Cabinets, sideboards from top luxury brands including some of the best lines signed by top interior designers.

luxury cabinets

Carapace Small Cabinet by Maarten Baas

luxury cabinetsSmoke Cabinet by Maarten Baas

luxury cabinets


luxury cabinetsROBBER BARON BUFFET by Studio Job

This buffet consists of metallic furniture pieces that appear to be frozen midway through exploding. We love it!

This modern piece by Maarten Baasshows the astonishing world of luxury presence in all it’s power, so smooth and at the same time so powerful, this piece may be one of the simple models, but it can make a huge difference in every stylish house.

Close Parity Big Wide Cabinet By Maarten Baas

Diamond Sideboard by Boca do Lobo

Diamond Sideboard is a reflection of the furniture jeweler’s expertise and quintessence, undoubtedly deserving its title. This opulent object, full of resources and desire, has two carefully sculpted doors that reveal a gold lined interior with shelves and two drawers.

This piece is inspired by the gothic furniture of the romantic period, with its capacity to take advantage of the power of imagination, prevision and escape, without forgetting its unique character.

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Cabinets Boca do Lobo