10 Exquisite Cabinet Designs that Won’t Go Unnoticed

At Boca do Lobo they’re very proud of their cabinet designs, they’re among the pieces they truly believe to be inimitable, for they comprise a combination of old and modern techniques that make them stand out in any interior design project.

As modern luxury interiors use the same versions of pieces over and over, let’s go for something fresh, something that’s truly remarkable with a selection of 10 of Boca do Lobo’s Cabinet Designs.

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The Symphony Cabinet brings a twist to the organs of old churches and symphony brass instruments, taking cues from the natural flow of sound, it’s various epochs, and styles. Explore its secrets here.

Taking its name from the King that reigned through the dawn of the Portuguese Golden Age, the D. Manuel mixes old and new elements and combines them with ultra-modern architecture.

The Forest is a gorgeous cabinet design with a mirrored surface and forest details that make it different from any other piece out there. The interior is bright, creating a sense of surprise.

The Guggenheim Cabinet is one of our most outstanding pieces, beautiful in its simplicity. This handcrafted, extremely versatile and unique piece is ideal for storing glassware and fine silver collectibles in the dining room or any other of your collections – a great compliment to any classic or modern interior setting.

is an elegant cabinet design to complement the decoration of refined modern interiors. Covered in traditional hand-painted tiles, this refined piece is a tribute to an ancient Portuguese tradition that can be seen to this day in some of its most iconic buildings.


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The Mondrian Bar Cabinet is a mysterious, unsettling cabinet design that takes classical shapes and lines and twists them with different sized drawers.  Intended to serve as a bar, this seductive piece is ideal to store splendid liquors and fine distilled spirits.

The Oblong is a fusion of modernistic and classical elements into a highly detailed and exquisite limited cabinet design, made to act as a statement piece in contemporary living rooms and raise the bar on luxury decoration.

The Piccadilly cabinet sits comfortably in a league of its own. With a surreal construction that defies reality, Its interior features classic lines and elements, and is composed of two glass shelves and four drawers with traditional handles.

The 1088 triangles that complete the Pixel Cabinet bring the dedication and art of those who built it – with a diversity of finishes never seen before. The polished brass base gives Pixel a unique personality, a strong and at the same time sophisticated character.

Strong, durable and invested with beauty and strength, the Pixel Anodized was handcrafted from the finest materials in designs as functional as they are aesthetically impressive.

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