Alluring Designs by Female Top Designers

When it comes to furniture design, females are thriving in a world that is so competitive and filled with men. Buffets and Cabinets loves to pay homage to those that created their path making their name in the history of modern design. We have gathered a selection of our favorite female top designers, hoping that it will leave you utterly inspired!


Alluring Designs by Female Top Designers

Globally recognized as known for being one of the best interior and product designers on the planet, Nika Zupanc built marvelous and modern interior design projects, created limited-edition furniture collections for Rossana Orlandi and designed exclusive pieces for high-end brands like Moooi and Dior.


Alluring Designs by Female Top Designers

Paola Navone is a Milan-born architect and product designer. Always on the go and looking or inspiration she has become an anthropologist of creativity. For this stunning designer, traveling signifies extending new horizons, gathering colors, scents, shapes, tastes, and mixing all that into another culture and space-time combination. Creating objects that blend magnificent design and craftsmanship.


Alluring Designs by Female Top Designers

Cristina Celestino is an architect, interior and product designer who works as a creative director for exclusive brands. She is a good example of a product designer who goes by the philosophy of concentrating her creative work on research and observation.


Alluring Designs by Female Top Designers

Claude Lalanne was a French sculptor and product designer most widely known for her work in the collaborative duo Les Lalanne with her husband, François-Xavier Lalanne. Claude Lalanne’s personal work often manifested itself in the form of decorative flora and fauna, drawing from Surrealism and Art Nouveau in her furniture pieces.


Alluring Designs by Female Top Designers

Zaha Hadid did more than dabble in product design. Her ever-growing portfolio includes jewelry, vessels, seating, a prototype car, and more than a few shoes, all of which confer the sinuous, sculptural, and whimsical nature of her award-winning structures at a scale that makes them tangible, even personal.

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Alluring Designs by Female Top Designers

Patricia Urquiola is a famous interior designer, architect, and product designer born in Oviedo, Spain but living at the moment in Italy. She is internationally renowned as one of the best interior designers in the world thanks to her great and creative designs that are suitable for so many interior design projects.


Alluring Designs by Female Top Designers

Lara Bohincs ability to create work with iconic beauty is rooted in her familiarity with materials and manufacturing approaches.


Alluring Designs by Female Top Designers

From simple beech rods patiently sanded, cut, arranged and lacquered, the contemporary artist‘s designs refined functional sculpture art which evokes biomorphic forms. Each art furniture work is unique and handmade.


Alluring Designs by Female Top Designers

Joana Vasconcelos’ unparalleled creativity, highlights Portugal’s artisanal traditions and know-how and redefines the codes of contemporary art.

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