From cleaner to heavier environments, Boca do Lobo presents a variety of luxury buffets that will add the perfect touch to your dream home, with these luxury buffets that will give you the sparkle you need in a home full of luxury. Count on us to achieve the home of your dreams, with the decoration that is right for you.

Diamond Sideboard

The richness that the diamond brings is not only in your jewelry box, here at Boca do Lobo, we want your jewelry to be detachable, it starts for example with sideboards. This beautiful buffet charms anyone, because of its size and its stunning appearance. This piece is not without beauty on the inside, when you open its doors and drawers there is another world, but this time with the gold leaf technique.

Luxury buffets you need in your home

Symphony Sideboard

Direct from limited edition to an unique living room, full of magic and charm, it will make your living room brighter, chic and comfortable. It is methodically handcrafted by different master craftsmen, from expert goldsmiths to passionate wood carving artisans. With its state-of-the-art technology it adds sophistication to any corner of your home.

Luxury buffets you need in your home

Lapiaz Sideboard

A stunning piece that will add a new air of lushness to any environment you find yourself in. The buffets that we offer will go rock your living room, entrance, or until your room. A contemporary piece called Lapiaz Sideboard is inspired by karst formations. With its polished brass and a finish that astonishes. The Lapiaz Sideboard with its hammered gold details and the spread represents an inexplicable elegance in your house.

Luxury buffets you need in your home

Soho Sideboard

Our most beloved piece from Boca do Lobo, the Soho Collection portrays the brand’s values, we see it as the brand’s entry into the world of design, because Soho named the first collection of the brand, boosting its first international steps, why the collection is so loved by your team. The differences in colors and shapes make it match everything the brand does and is based on. The combination of styles makes the piece even more elegant and luxurious to decor your room.

Luxury buffets you need in your home


Transform your home into a luxurious, stunning home where you feel confident just being in the presence of the majestic pieces.Here you can see the pieces that spark your interest and speak to you.

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