Buffets and Cabinets In High-End Hospitality Projects

After a strict pause in 2020, the hospitality industry is back in the game with renewed attention to sustainability and well-being. Since last year, the world has been presented with exceptional new Hotels, Restaurants and Spa projects around the world that have redefined the Guest Experience with new strategies. Striking interiors with authentic characters play a differentiating role in this new era of Hospitality Design, as does the reinvention of spaces to suit the modern lifestyle, and integrating local experiences to allow travellers to truly connect with the destination. As the industry is experiencing a revival, inspiration is key.

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Boca do Lobo presents a collection of design-led hotels, restaurants and spas that function both as social hubs and platforms for extraordinary experiences. We present this series of carefully curated Hospitality Interiors that provide an individualized look at the modern hospitality narrative. This book explores in detail the new hospitality interior design trends that launch the pillars of a Changing World and sets itself as a source of inspiration for Interior Designers by exploring different styles and concepts.

Reception Areas: First impressions matter

A hotel reception is a place of particular value. It is here where the first (and last) contact of the guest with the facility takes place. It is critical to make sure that visitors get a positive first impression. Every detail matters when it comes to making sure the reception area efficiently serves and pleasantly surprises guests.

The design should be expressive and convey a strong character but not for the price of overwhelming the guests with any unnecessary excess. Comfort and functionality are essential to make guests feel even more comfortable than at home. Materials usually include stone, wood, ceramics, glass, and concrete.

Heritage Sideboard
Hospitality Design: A Curated Selection by Boca do Lobo
Lobbies: A vibrant social hub

A Lobby is no longer a vacant waiting area, as hotels are no longer just a place to sleep. Hotel Lobbies are being reimagined as vibrant social hubs, a place to socialize and, above all, engage. Stepping into a perfectly designed space filled with beautiful artwork and elegant furniture is a sign that a guest is about to have an amazing stay.

In fact, there may be no greater indicator of a hotel’s quality than the lobby. But should be integrated into the design so travellers can easily connect to Wi-Fi, use mobile or kiosk check-in, and engage with other technologies. A hotel lobby must be conceived as a destination point for both modern travellers and locals.

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Hallways & Corridors: A seamless transition from public to private areas

Hotel hallways and corridors may not seem like the most important spaces to consider in a hotel interior design project. However, they present another opportunity to convey the hotel’s design story by providing a seamless transition from the lobby to the hotel suite.

Corridors are the natural extension of the hotel suite and must therefore provide a cohesive style and ambience. Adorn a hotel corridor with statement floors, some artwork exhibited in beautiful displays and luxurious art pieces like marble consoles and statement mirrors with intricate details. The result is the perfect transition from public to private areas.

Pietra Console
Hospitality Design: A Curated Selection by Boca do Lobo
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Hospitality Design: A Curated Selection by Boca do Lobo

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