Center Table Elegance: Elevating Your Living Space

The center table plays a key role in interior design, acting as a functional and aesthetic centerpiece within a living space. In interior design each piece of furniture has a role to play, but the coffee table is more than a practical piece of furniture for storing books or decorative items, it is a focal point that defines the entire design, comfort and elegance of the living room.
Buffets & Cabinets explores the world of the most beautiful coffee tables.

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The choice of materials, shape and style of the center table can set the tone of the entire space, be it classic, modern, rustic or eclectic. Its strategic placement encourages conversation and social interaction, making it a vital element for creating a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere. In essence, the center table is not just a piece of furniture, but an integral component of interior design that adds depth and character to a living room.

luxurious living room, detailed grey walls, with a white sofa, a statue, a golden lamp and a white center table with golden details


The central table has a unique and indispensable role in interior design. It is a fundamental element of aesthetic composition.

Bold piece

Large living room with several sofas with golden details, white and gold pendant lamp, flowers and a luxurious golden center table

luxury center table golden

One of the main virtues of coffee tables is their versatility. Boca do Lobo offers a variety of coffee table styles, each designed to cater to different interior aesthetics, whether it’s the classic charm, the modern vibe of an elegant center tables or the extravagant beauty of a handcrafted masterpiece.

Living room with two large armchair, a brown coffee table with golden cuts, hanging lamp, vase with green leaves and various objects with the same colors


Theese tables encourages social interaction, creating a natural gathering point for conversations and gatherings. In essence, it’s not just a table but a design statement that elevates the harmony and visual coherence of any interior space.

Timeless designs

living room with brown walls, a picture, a sideboard with flowers on top, a beige airmchair and sofa, a pendant lamp with golden accents, and a luxurious white coffee table with black top on top and golden details

White coffee table with golden details, and a black worktop with gold detailing

Tailored elegance

living room with beige sofa and golden base, wall with a wallpaper, and a luxurious white center table, with golden detail, with a book and a flower jar on top

white center table with gold detail, diamond-shaped design

This small yet significant piece of furniture serves as a focal point, anchoring the room’s visual appeal and enhancing its overall ambiance. The choice of materials, shape, and style can dramatically influence the room’s character, whether it exudes modern minimalism, rustic warmth, or timeless elegance.

Tailored elegance

Detailed white walls, beige sofa, a large mirror of black border, a luxurious white and gold pendant lamp, and a black and gold center table, very different design with balls of different sizes, on top has a book and a candle

black and gold center table, very different design with balls of different sizes


Very luxurious living room, large windows, a white and gold pendant lamp, a brown sofa, a white carpet and a golden center table, 3 pieces of different sizes that complement each other aesthetically

golden center table, 3 pieces of different sizes that complement each other aesthetically

From rich, exotic woods to gleaming metallic details, each element is carefully chosen to create a harmonious blend of textures and colours. The result is a piece that exudes opulence and refinement, setting the stage for a truly unforgettable living room.

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