Modern Sideboards Inspiration For Your Home

No longer confined to the dining room, these traditional pieces are enjoying a fresh new spin – showing up in the bedroom, the hallway, the living room and even under the TV. And beyond the utility aspect, modern sideboards also bring a welcome infusion of style to your space. Who can resist a beautiful form that serves a practical function? Nobody! Buffets & Cabinets Blog will show you that this is one piece that your interior will thank you.

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Time-honoured masterpiece

Time-honoured masterpiecethe faceted Diamond influenced by the deconstructivist movement of postmodern architecture. The contemporary sideboard is conceived from wood and covered by silver leaf finished with a distinct translucent shade of amethyst and high gloss varnish on top. Two highly sculpted drawers and two doors lead to a remarkable gold leaf interior and one clear glass shelf.


modern sideboards - brown sideboard with gold base


modern sideboards - black sideboard with gold base and interior, and decorative items

Open Storage Or Closed Storage?

Modern sideboards can have either an “open” storage area, where the shelves serve as a display area, or they can come with doors. Which one is best for you? You have to consider what you’ll be storing. Open storage is perfect for showing collections, but the beauty of closed storage is that you can keep your secrets. Lapiaz Sideboard is the perfect piece to keep your secrets!

modern sideboards- black sideboard with gold details

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Portuguese Heritage

The hint of wander of this geometrical sideboard stats by the Azulejos panel, the traditional hand-painted tiles and one of the most representative art forms of Portuguese culture. A rich legacy continues when two-door open to a lined glossy gold leaf interior, and a classical ornament trim reminds the inside of churches and rich buildings. A clear glass shelf can be seen on the two individual divisions of the sideboard.

modern sideboards- blue sideboard, typical Portuguese tile design

Classical Symphony

modern sideboards - entrance with white walls, two golden wall lamps, a golden mirror and a goldsideboard

Synonym of innovation and flawless executionSymphony is enveloped by a tubular cluster of gold-plated brass tubes carefully welded with cutting-edge technology. Its interior features a sleek ebony veneer and boasts a smoked glass shelf. It is wrapped up by a black lacquered base and opaque black glass on top. It is methodically handcrafted by different master artisans.

modern sideboards- gold sideboard with black base

For The Contemporary Dining Room

modern sideboards-  entrance with black walls, decorative items, books, plants, and a  gold sideboard with iconic design

When you choose a sideboard for the dining room, you need to ensure it pairs with the current furniture in size terms. To create balance, the sideboard should stand higher than the table and be in step with the size of the table. Oblong Sideboard is an outstanding piece to enhance your dining room decor and it’s also a Boca do Lobo New Arrival.

luxury sideboards - black and golden sideboard with an intricate design

For The Modern Living Room

Set the vibe of your living room and decide if you want a piece that will fit the current look, or if you want to create some contrast and add interest. Pixel Sideboard may be the piece that stands out in your living area!

modern sideboards -  sideboard in brown and gold tones

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