Majestic Sideboard by Boca do Lobo

Today Buffets and Cabinets Blog brings you a unique piece designed by Boca do LoboMajestic Sideboard – a special design that pays tribute to Oporto city, and to an emblematic cafe that has remained throughout the years as a charismatic attraction point for visitors and tourists.

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The Majestic Café, designed by architect João Queiróz and inspired in the works of his master Marques da Silva, is still one of the most beautiful and meaningful examples of Art Nouveau in Porto.

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The building, implanted in the corner between Santa Catarina street and Passos Manuel street in 1916, included already a reference to establishments oriented towards the pedestrian street, as it is also mentioned in the reconstruction description.Majestic Sideboard by Boca do Lobo (1)

The striking marble facade, ornamented with beautiful floral elements and winding shapes, is a good reflection of the decorative style of that time. The main facade boasts two elegant columns and three rectangular windows. Over these, a pediment crowns the composition with the Majestic’s initials. On each side, two amused little-boy figures seem to invite people in. Inspired by this ornamental work, Boca do Lobo designed MAJESTIC Sideboard. 

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More than just a Café, the Majestic tells the history of Oporto. The Oporto of the twenties, of political gatherings and discuss of new ideas. It was also the Belle Epoch period, a time of writers and artists. To honor this period and this emblematic Café, Boca do Lobo designed this modern black sideboard, highly stylish, that provides a generous amount of storage space without being too imposing. It is a unique piece of furniture that lends an attractive presence to any room.

Majestic Sideboard by Boca do Lobo (1)

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Majestic Sideboard by Boca do Lobo (3)

Four flush doors open discreetly to the interior of the piece where you will find elegant drawers and functional shelving. Hand carved wood garland drapes the sideboard and functions as the doors pulls. The piece is framed in particleboard, which gives the black high gloss lacquer finish its textured appearance.

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