Diamond Metamorphosis: The Jewel of the Collection

Metamorphosis Collection is more than just a simple line of design. It has a special meaning that has been part of Boca do Lobo’s purpose and creative’s DNA – breaking creative boundaries and being capable of constantly making something better. It’s hard to define what creativity is, but we know for sure that is the creative act, that we become able to manipulate objects or symbols to produce an uncommon definition of art and giving origin to the most bizarre and unique pieces. Discover all about the Diamond Metamorphosis.

Diamond Metamorphosis: The Jewel of the Collection

Inspired by a great novel of the 20th Century, written by a phenomenal thinker – Franz Kafka – Metamorphosis digs deep introspection, unknowingly looking for meaning or something to hang on to.

Insects can be repulsive and can make people think of how different and unique life is by itself. That was the main purpose behind this line of design. By creating a reaction, we are also creating this emotional experience and bringing the design concept back to life.

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Take a look and discover the manufacturing process of the mesmerizing bugs that find a place in the series.

Here, the whimsical Diamond has already shape and color. It looks rather promising, don’t you agree?

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Here is the fantastic final piece in its full glory! We bet you have never seen anything like it before! It is unique and from outer space!

Admit it that you desire it deeply! We mean, who wouldn’t? It was designed to be the central piece of any interior design project! Ideal to match your luxury lifestyle!

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