Discover Piccadilly Cabinet: Limited Edition Piece

We are ready to present you a unique Piccadilly Cabinet by Boca Do Lobo, a Limited Edition powerful, modern and traditional piece. Our designers played with architecture, perspective and impossible spaces to create this exclusive cabinet. Like a piece of art, it amazes and wonders all that recognize their keen observation of the world around us and the expressions of our designers fantasies.

limited edition

Piccadilly Cabinet is composed in a perfect tune that will easily fulfill your living room. You can feel the architectural contrast between the present and the city’s heritage in the streets of London – Piccadilly cabinet perfectly reflects this effect in its pixelated expression.

limited edition

In a glance you can feel the connection between modernity and tradition, just like the famous Piccadilly Circus, in London.

Boca do Lobo emotional pieces are handmade in Portugal by talented artisans who use their wisdom from years of experience.

The designers combined traditional manufacturing techniques with the latest technological methods to shape the finest materials into furniture which gives rise to timeless luxurious cosmopolitan environments.

The architectural contrast between the present and the cities’ heritage that can
be felt in those Londoner squares that give the pixelate effect like the cabinet is loading the rest of the details.

limited edition

Th edesigners thought every detail so carefully that the Cabinet itself is appearing like a 3D volume piece of furniture.

Piccadilly Cabinet is made from poplar is the result of a meticulous craftsmanship and it’s completed in six different finishes: colored in dark and bright emerald green, black, gilded in age golden leaf.

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limited edition

The golden leaf that is covering the outside doors and some parts of the cabinet inside created an extraodinary exterior design of this piece.

Looking like a frozen moment between the two generations in the outside, the inside is just about the opposite showing a clean exquisite interior completed with a classic dome in the top, containing four drawers and two shelves.

limited edition

Through this futuristic furniture piece our designers show us that reality is wondrous, comprehensible and fascinating. Piccadilly Cabinet is composed in a perfect tune that will easily fulfill your living room.

limited edition

We hope that this meticulous craftsmanship piece of furniture will inspire you for more exclusive room design ideas.

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