How To Decorate A Sideboard With Lladró Porcelain

Today we share with you how to decorate a sideboard with porcelains, and Lladró is undoubtedly the best brand of porcelain ware for this purpose.

Lladró is the success story of an iconic Spanish brand. A world leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of porcelain art creations, Lladró is a unique mix of talent, audacity, and meticulousness in the quest for excellence.

From sculpture to lighting, home accessories and jewelry, Lladró is a brand that stands for a contemporary, stylish and exclusive lifestyle.


At an unhurried pace and with the same loving care and attention as once lavished by alchemists of old, Lladró porcelain is still handcrafted in Spain, at the company’s only factory in the world, located in Valencia.

From chemistry to modeling, as well as carving, etching, painting… a team of expert artists and designers keeps alive the ancient crafts and methods of turning porcelain into dreams. Unique craft processes that are applied in the most figurative Lladró products.

Their complex and laborious creative process is the only one capable of guaranteeing the degree of excellence that has won Lladró worldwide recognition. The search for perfection also extends to quality control, where the finished sculpture undergoes various tests that certify that it fulfills the high standards demanded by the brand.

Excellence is also applied in the packaging, customized to the individual features of each piece in order to ensure that it reaches its final destination safely and in perfect conditions.

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