Discover the Exquisite Diamond Family from Boca do Lobo

More than prominent is the phrase ‘diamonds are forever’ and it could not be excluded of Boca do Lobo’s wide range of inspiration sources and decoration ideas, as for numerous civilizations, they are assumed a symbol of strength and endurance.

On this bright concept, the luxury brand has created the exclusive Diamond Family, aimed to bring feelings of fierceness, to stop stress, paralyze fear, protect against fire and poison.

First one to be released, the delicate Sideboard draws inspiration due to the gold and silver leafs with the translucent amethyst lacquer. This refined piece of art, with the hand-carved feet details of gold leaf finish in a shape of a lion’s face, is conceived to create a synthesis of elegant and harmonious aesthetics, just like diamonds do.

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Cabinets Boca do Lobo

Driven by the passion and meticulous dedication of Boca do Lobo’s designers and craftsmen, diamonds turned into luxury pieces that bring a flawless, opulent sense to every interior space. Therefore, centre tables, luxury safes, watch winders and nightstands were designed in a wish to expand this imposing collection.

Leaded by the courage, the creativity and the purity, the Diamond Family promotes feelings of self-love and bring pure love inside the house.

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Exactly as diamonds are adored for their beauty and valued for their indestructibility, Boca do Lobo wishes to please every need and passion for a unique design and a marvelous interior living space.

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